Tecar and Contracked™ signs partnership

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Hengelo, the Netherlands - March, 2010 - Techno Benelux B.V. and Contracked™ today announced an partnership that lets automotive customers better control their contracts.

The automotive industry is in its worst cycle in decades. The market is in transition and will ultimately turn around. Forward thinking dealers should develop strategies today for future pent up demand. Auto industry analytics indicate that as much as 60% of the dealers overhead are non-employee costs. The partnership will help the automotive dealers in cutting contractual costs, increase contractual revenue and managing contractual risks. It will help the automotive industry to strenghten the procurement strategy and quality.

Techno Benelux B.V. (member of TECAR) signed the ditribution rights for the Automotive Industry. TECAR and Contracked™ expects to help their existing customers in Improved the overall results and increase their international automotive customer base with this impressive partnership.

About Techno Benelux B.V.

With over 13.000 members in Europe and North America, TECAR represents the largest international organization of procurement centers for automotive accessories, shop equipment, chemicals/oil, tires/wheels and spare parts. Techno Benelux B.V. represents the Netherland, Belgium and Luxembourg and has a seat in the TECAR Advisory board and board of Directors.

About Contracked™:

Contracked™ makes it easy to control all contracts, simple or complex, manage end dates and report on important contractual items. Contracked™ is the successful and proven gobal leader in On Demand Contract Management without implementation costs. Within 60 seconds Contracked™ makes important contractual information autorized accessible.

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