Why On Demand Technology?

When you look at the most widely adopted technologies – Google for search, Amazon.com for buying, and eBay for selling – they have been far more successful than traditional ERP or desktop software in these particular domains. Running on the Internet, these services have also become part of our daily lives and transformed how we do things. Now on demand technology powering talent management processes can transform how organizations assess, acquire, develop, and align contracts directly to business strategies

Four On Demand Advantages
Contract Management on demand—delivered by subscription as software as a service—has four advantages over a software license:

Faster to install.
Cheaper to maintain.
Easier to access and use.
Quicker to upgrade.

Your contract management success should not depend on keeping licensed systems current or paying huge consulting fees to install and upgrade custom solutions. On demand enables you to rapidly establish contract management best practices, accelerate adoption, and immediately create value.

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